Protein Shakes: Should I Drink Them?

My Shake at Wichita Nutrition: Such Great Service

Not a Nutritionist

I just want to state first off that I am not a nutritionist. I researched shakes  some when I was dieting, and I honestly don’t remember most of the information. I know that some types are better for you than others obviously and some are more natural. Quality does matter for protein shakes, just like most foods.  

I Prefer Whole Foods

I don’t usually drink them anymore because I have learned that I personally prefer whole foods. Not to say that I won’t drink a protein shake every once in a while though and if you like them that is fine! I am not against them. There are definitely worse things you could be having.

How My Body Feels

I know protein builds muscle. I don’t feel like I personally need to build a lot of muscle for strength though or lose a lot of fat. I am not trying to gain a lot of muscle or bulk. I try my best not to pay attention to how my body looks, but rather how it feels. I try to obtain this by eating balanced meals, and working out to feel good. In addition, the protein upsets my stomach as well, which doesn’t make my body want to perform.

Shake As a Snack

I do like to have a protein shake every once in while, like the other day when I decided to shake up my routine of whole foods and try out a local spot. I would rather have a shake as a snack though, and not a meal replacement. Mentally, it is a drink, and I can’t get past that a drink is not a meal. I just feel more satisfied when I eat whole foods and balance my plate. I know it is mostly in my head but that is how I see it. I know many people are fine with it being a meal replacement.

Vary Your Diet

It can be a convenient source of nutrients for people on the go. I understand that. If they work for you, then that is wonderful. My word of advice I guess though is try to still vary your diet and get a quality protein. I don’t think having a shake every day is a good thing, just like I have had to struggle not to eat oatmeal every day. I do like oatmeal, but I understand that I need to vary my diet.

So drink your protein shake and enjoy all the benefits, but just keep in mind that a balanced life is a happy, healthy life.

Wichita Friends

If you live in or around Wichita and want a protein shake instead of a fast food joint, I would suggest going to Wichita Nutrition and giving them a try. I stopped in the other day after hot yoga, and I was treated so well. Another reason to support local business owners is they give you the time and care that corporate businesses do not. It was such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I was treated to three drinks. I was able to try Aloe water… which is seriously amazing and has great health benefits! I  had Chai tea…. also very good. Then, I had the Nutter Butter Protein Shake. It tasted similar to a Nutter Butter, but not near as sweet. I don’t like overly sweet drinks because they start to make me feel sick, even if I enjoy them. (I try to drink a small size if I get a sugary drink!) I would like to go back and try some more flavors when I am on the go and looking for something with a lot of nutrients!

What do you think of protein shakes? 

The Menu at Wichita Nutrition


I had the Combo

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