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Eat and Savor the Desserts you Love

If I Don’t Want It, I Don’t Eat It

It was my grandma’s ninetieth birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I knew there was going to be cake from Sam’s. I am kind of a dessert snob I guess. I really like wedding cake and good buttercream frosting, but if it is from most grocery stores, I don’t really care to have it. People I know are aware of my rocky relationship with food. I figured if they saw that I did not get a piece of cake, they probably would think that I am not really practicing what I preach since I support the anti-diet. That is not the case though. Intuitive eating is eating if I want it and savoring it. It is also turning it down if I don’t really want it. I was not hungry or I probably would have eaten it because it was the food that was available. I do try to eat what is available now if I am hungry even if it isn’t my first choice. However, I wasn’t hungry, and I did not really want it.

If I Do Want It, I Savor It

The night before, I wanted ice cream. My husband and I went to Cold Stone Creamery to get some. I am kind of an ice cream snob too. If I have ice cream, I usually wait until we go get soft serve. When I got there, I couldn’t decide what I wanted… as usual. None of the signature creations looked good. I just wanted something simple. I finally decided on a small cup of salted caramel. (Salty and sweet is my jam!) It was really rich, and I did finish it. I don’t think I could have eaten any more than what I had. I enjoyed every bite and took time to savor it. There are times when I want a turtle sundae or extra toppings, and I try to honor that too. I try to remind myself that I can have desserts again so I don’t make myself feel sick by over eating.

Desserts Are Made Available

I do not keep a lot of desserts in the house, but that is not to restrict or avoid binging on it anymore because I know the more I tell myself “no,” the more I want something. The mindset has changed and the mindset is everything. The main reason I don’t keep it here is because I do try to buy food that will make me feel good for the most part, while also trying to keep the grocery bill down. I usually keep chocolate in the fridge or some other dessert so that I do have the option available if I want it. I don’t make desserts very often because it is a lot of work to make them, and then throw half of it out because we didn’t eat it. I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen anymore either or waist money on ingredients that we will only use some of.

The Obsessive Thoughts Go Away

There has actually been chocolate in the fridge from Aldi that I do like, and it has been there for about three weeks. There are three out of five bars left. This has not been from restriction. It has been from asking myself what I really want. I haven’t even really thought about them, unless chocolate has sounded good. In the past, they would have been on my mind constantly because I would be thinking about how I shouldn’t have them. Now the option is there to have it any night if I want it.

You Can Have Dessert

I don’t always have everything figured out, and I don’t like to pretend that I do. I don’t always follow this exactly. I am only human.  These are just ideas about what has helped me the most. Sometimes, I go on kicks where I have a small dessert almost every day. It is always changing. It may not work for you and that is ok. Your balance may look completely different than mine.  I am sharing my story because I want you to see that if you are struggling with your relationship with food, there is hope that it can balance out. You can have some dessert and enjoy the shit out of it!

My brothers and I with my Grandma.

Kiwi Mango Smoothie

Kiwi Mango SmoothieSo I had some kiwi and mango and thought a smoothie sounded good! I threw some ingredients in a blender and this is what I got. It makes about 2 servings so I froze the other half in a mason jar. The next time I wanted the rest of it,  I set it out on the counter for a few hours. Then, I dumped it in the blender and pulsed it until it was smooth! Enjoy!  

Serves 2 Servings

Kiwi Mango Smoothie

This fruity green smoothie is great for the summer!

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  • 2 Kiwis
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Small Ripe Banana
  • 2 tsp. Honey
  • 1 C. Coconut Milk
  • 1 C. Ice
  • Handful of Spinach (Optional)


  1. Peel kiwi and mango and cut into smaller pieces.
  2. Put ingredients in the blender and pulse until all ingredients are mixed.

The Anti-Diet Movement is Stronger Than You May Think

The anti-diet movement is stronger than you may think.

Misunderstood and Alone

Yesterday was a rough long day. I arrived at yoga training in the evening pretty much trying hold back tears. I was tired mentally and physically. One of my students had a rough day, and I let it really effect me even though I know I shouldn’t. I was feeling overwhelmed with everything, and just not good enough. It was just one of those days where I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. I was comparing myself to others and worrying about what everyone thought about me.  I was already feeling so much different than everyone else and alone. Then I had to listen to a bunch of talk about diets, and I didn’t have the energy to say anything against it. I just sat there, feeling like no one understood me. I feel like I am the only one out of the people that I know in person who has an issue with diet culture.  People don’t even realize how often they mention it and where all the messages are. I didn’t used to either. This acceptance of diet culture, has made me feel like a weirdo overreacting to all of the messages that are given to us by society just because of my experiences.

Mental Health Plays A Role

People want to be healthy, and I believe they all want to promote being healthy. Healthy is tricky though. I went through a period of time that destroyed me in the name of health. I was already at what is considered a healthy weight when I started to try to shape my body, lose weight, and restrict food groups. All it took was once, and my obsessions and disordered thinking ran wild. Many people can’t relate to that. Many people don’t understand it. I know mental issues are the cause of many of my problems, and it is not all diet culture’s fault.

Diet Culture is What People Know

However, I look at what I have learned about intuitive eating and exercise, and I feel like it is something that has helped me so much. I feel like it is something that would have helped me mentally and physically before I even tried to lose weight. It would have helped me be healthy as a whole. I truly believe it would have changed my life for the better no mattter what. All people know is diets and diet culture though, and it is what is promoted everywhere as health.

Diet Culture Is Triggering

I just get discouraged like people don’t see a problem. They would rather blame mental issues than a problem with society. In actuality I believe it is both and society can trigger people who otherwise would have never had an issue. Mental issues surrounding food just get worse the more malnourished you become. The self hatred gets worse too. There are a lot of deep issues there.

The Anti Diet Community

My Instagram community of self love, intuitive eating, and exercise people get it, and they make me feel like maybe I am not so different after all. Then I join the people in my life, and I feel like the outcast. Like why do you have such a problem with eating “healthy?” I don’t know if that is true, but it is how I perceive it since diet talk and eating “healthy” is constant.  It is not that I have a problem with eating whole foods…it is the mindsets, the diets, the restrictions, and strong focus on weight and appearance that I struggle with.

I Support Health

I completely support health. I support eating all different kinds of foods with out restrictions though. I support the mindset of want to, not have to. Again, I think that mindset would have helped me before I ever even struggled with strong restrictions… the mindset to eat intuitively and exercise intuitively has led me to actually take care of myself and not worry so much about size. It has led me to believe that food is food and taking away all the labels helps create food freedom, happiness, and less stress around food. It would have helped me with eating mindfully and chewing my food for enjoyment and satisfaction instead of in the name of just trying to eat healthy, unprocessed foods for fuel.

Food Is More Than Fuel

Food is fuel, and satisfaction, and love and so much more. Sorry, but I just love food! If you know me, you know I love all different kinds too! I am very enthusiastic about all kinds of vegetables and fruits, meats, breads, pasta, and ice-cream and butter too! Mmm butter!  I am also cheap and like to avoid spending a bunch of money on groceries and eating out though too. Balance!

The Anti Diet Movement is Stronger Than You May Think

Yesterday, I felt so outcast that I thought about quitting. I thought about giving up balance queen and all my social media posts. I thought about dieting again and focusing on eating only “healthy.”  I think part of my purpose is to keep sharing though, even if no one understands it. It is part of who I am and one of my passions. I may feel a little left out now…  but I truly believe in this movement. I believe it is stronger than most people realize. A year ago, I had no idea how many accounts there were like mine about self love and intuitive eating and exercise, and just thinking about the growing number of accounts gives me hope that I am not an outcast. It gives me hope that I am part of something amazing.

Will you be a part of the movement, or will you continue to conform and let diet culture rule you?

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Are You Truly Practicing Yoga If You Eat Meat?

 Are you truly practicing yoga if you eat meat?

Ahimsa or Nonviolence

I read online that some say you are not truly practicing yoga if you eat meat. The practice of ahimsa, or nonviolence, can imply not eating animals because it is violent to take the life of another being.

Just Starting Training

I want to say that I am just starting yoga teacher training Friday, so I am not completely familiar with the whole practice. I am not vegan, and I probably won’t be. Does that mean that I will be looked down upon in the yoga community by a few? Possibly… I don’t really know because acceptance is part of the practice as well.

Why We Judge

It is difficult not to judge people. It is difficult not to think that your way of living is better… you chose it after all right? Why would you choose it if you didn’t think it was better? Therefore, I think it makes it extremely hard to move past at least some judgement.

Accepting Lifestyles

One of my goals in this journey is to try to choose acceptance of different lifestyles over judgement though. I will try to choose acceptance of myself and others. I realize I am not any better for eating meat, but I also don’t think I am worse either.

Intuitive Eating

There is no such thing as perfect and balance will look different for everyone. After struggling with restricting food and overexercising, I don’t like the idea of me ever going back to restricting foods that I crave. If a vegan diet would be what I was craving, and it was what I would be at peace with, then that would be fine though!

Food Does Not Determine Worth

One person is not better than another because of the food they eat. I know I can get a little preachy sometimes because I try to present intuitive eating and how it works for me. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing what you eat though, and again everyone is different. I do think we should try to take care of ourselves, and I love fruits and veggies, but I also am thankful for a good steak. If that goes against your personal beliefs, that is fine too.

 I believe you can truly practice yoga and eat meat. What do you think? What is right for your healthy, happy, balanced life? What will help you accept that it is not the same for everyone?

Why Counting Steps, Calories, and Macros Doesn’t Count

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” -Albert Einstein

Counting Everything

I used to run and count my steps. I wanted to make sure the fitness tracker was getting my steps accurate on my run. I would count my calories that I took in by weighing my food and only eating foods that I could track. I counted macros and tried to get my macros just perfect. If I was low on something, I would try to eat something that balanced it out for my goals. I counted how many days I worked out a week and how many workouts I did. I did everything but listen to my body. I counted, counted, counted, and tried to will my body to be something it wasn’t.

The focus on appearance was obsessive, and it would never be good enough. I am a competitive person, and I wanted to be skinnier and skinnier. I thought it would set me apart from everyone else in a good way. I wanted people to say she is such a hard worker, and she has amazing will power. I wanted to control everything that I could. I felt like I had little control over everything else so it was the one thing that I felt success with. What I didn’t realize was that the counting was controlling me and everything I did. I was in denial that I even had a problem. I didn’t realize at the time that the counting was useless and making me even more miserable. All the counting is not necessary, and I am going to explain how I have come to the conclusion that listening to my body and doing activities that I enjoy is a less time-consuming, healthier approach. This is all from my personal experiences, and I am not a nutritionist or doctor.

Counting Steps and Calories Out

The fitness trackers are not accurate ways of counting steps or calories out because they don’t measure exact steps, intensity, or personal factors. The fitness tracker steps are rarely accurate and can be off.  You may have 9,887 steps displayed, but you may have only taken 9,800. (I am not saying go take more than it estimates by the way.)  I used to walk around at night to make sure I hit 10,00 on my tracker. The goal to have 10,000 exactly is really kind of silly when I think about it now. I even thought that if I worked out and didn’t have the tracker on, the workout was a waste because it was not recorded.

The estimated amount of calories burned are not accurate either on most fitness devices including treadmills and so forth.  In addition, it does not really measure the intensity of the workout. I could do a really intense strength workout that didn’t use many steps, but burned a lot of calories. You could have ran those steps, instead of walked them and it makes a difference. You could have been moving periodically throughout the day, or you could have done a workout then sat the rest of the day. Not to mention every body’s body is different and the amount of calories you burn can be different!

Not only is the tracker not accurate, but it emphasizes numbers instead of listening to your body and moving because you want to. It becomes a chore and a stress. Now I challenge myself to workout without the tracker and not even wear it sometimes. The goal to listen to my body and move intentionally has created less stress and worry about being active enough for the day. I do wear it still because it is my watch and connects to my phone, but I just do not put emphasis on it. The emphasis is on listening to my body and what it needs.

Counting and Measuring Calories In and Macros

Eating a certain amount of calories or measuring your macros is unrealistic, time-consuming, unsustainable. Counting calories and macros on MyFitnessPal seemed to do more harm than good. I went through some different phases trying to figure it all out and lose more weight. For a while, I would feel deprived if I didn’t get a certain amount of calories or if I was not high enough on certain macros so I might eat even if I wasn’t hungry.  Later on, it was usually more along the lines of depriving myself when I did feel hungry because I didn’t want to go over on calories. I was completely ignoring my body. When I would measure my food out exactly… it took a lot of unnecessary time and work when my body already knew what it wanted. The portions never looked right. In addition, if I did’t measure the food out exactly, it was just an estimation and not really worth counting anyway.

Focusing on counting and measuring out food can wreck havoc on your social life as well. I was never very social to begin with, but it got worse. Social gatherings became full of fear and anxiety about food. To be honest, they still are sometimes. I would not go out with friends either because I would feel guilty for eating bad foods or foods that I couldn’t measure myself. I still cringe a little when I get asked to go get ice cream sometimes, but I try not to let the disordered voices win.  I try to focus on having fun and eating the food that is there and what looks right. I obviously still have some things to work on and reminders to give myself.

Listening to Your Body is What is Important

You don’t ever have to track your food. You don’t have to eat something you don’t like or don’t want just because you are low on a certain kind of macros. You don’t have to track and hit calorie goals and macro goals. You don’t have to deprive yourself. You don’t have to ever eat out of containers that measure your portions to live healthy. You don’t have to focus on appearance to be healthy. You don’t have to eat the same foods over and over again. This goes for everyone! Developing holistic healthy behaviors and relationships is key for everyone no matter where you are at in your journey and no matter what size you are. Listening to your body is what is important.

There Is No Perfect Balance

Eat for satisfaction and what looks right. I just try to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein where it works for me.  I feel like we try to make healthy living so complicated, when it doesn’t have to be. By listening to my body, focusing on living life, and eating what is available or easy, I have had more success with naturally being healthy and happy as a whole. Everything does not have to be planned and every meal does not have to be balanced. I do strive for balance in life, but it is important to remember there is no perfect balance either.

The Counting Doesn’t Count

All that counting really doesn’t count when it comes down to it. It was setting me apart in a bad way… not in a good way. I was not looking at being healthy as a whole: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I still struggle with counting things sometimes, but I have to keep telling myself that the counting doesn’t really count. I have to keep listening to the rational voices and not the disordered ones. The things that really matter in life, can’t be measured and counted. The types of things that I should work hard at, have nothing to do with counting and appearances.

Are you going to count and worry your life away or are you going to try to live intentionally and care for your body, mind, and spirit?

Do You Struggle With The Fear Of Gaining Weight?

I Feared Gaining Weight

I went out to eat with my husband on Friday night for a date night. I couldn’t help but think of how our dates nights have changed in the past few years. I used to be so scared of gaining weight and was so unhappy with myself all the time. I would restrict what I ate all week long and then for date night it was like my one night that I could cheat a little. Half the time I didn’t even want to go. When we went out, I would still only order certain foods, but it had to be perfect or I was extremely disappointed. I would be disappointed if it was not very good, and I wasted calories on something I didn’t want. We ate sushi a lot on date night because it was a safer food for me, and I knew my favorite so I could have the calories for my favorite thing.

Things Have Changed

I still love sushi and that is actually where we went on this past Friday night. We went to a local sushi restaurant called Wasabi. I tried two different rolls, a veggie roll and a spicy tuna roll with avocado and jalapenos. I didn’t really care for the vegetable roll, but I was not extremely disappointed. I just added some soy sauce and called it good. Food is to nourish our bodies, and if it isn’t perfect that is alright. If you need to add salt, or soy sauce in this case, that is fine. It is better to make it edible and enjoy it, then to eat something you don’t like and feel disappointed. It is like that with any food. If you feel deprived, it will only make things worse.

The Focus Has Changed

A few years ago, I would have been so upset that it was not what I wanted because it was my only chance to eat something that I did not cook and prepare and I had not measured out and calculated the calories. On this past Friday when things were not perfect, I just moved on though. I was happy still, and I enjoyed just sitting down to talk with my husband. I am much more willing to eat at a variety of restaurants now and eat a variety of food too. Fear of food does not control all of my feelings and emotions like it used to.

Chasing Perfection

I feared gaining weight so bad that it controlled everything I ate. Not only did I want to avoid gaining weight, I wanted to continue losing weight and nothing was ever good enough. I was chasing perfection in all areas of my life, and I felt like I was always losing. I am sure you have heard it before, but it really has a new meaning to me… If you are not happy with yourself at the weight you are at, then you will never be happy. You HAVE to love yourself. It is a necessity. I still don’t every moment of every day, but it has gotten a lot better. It has been better for a lot of reasons, but one of those is because I am getting enough nourishment.

Your Body and Mind Fight You

If your brain and body aren’t fueled properly they work against you. Your body fights you. It stops working the way it should. Your brain distorts everything. It doesn’t matter what size you are either, if you have disordered eating patterns it will effect how your brain and body work. Your size does not determine if you need help or not, however it can make it easier to spot. I finally got to a low enough weight where people were starting to notice. I feared gaining weight with everything I ate.

My Weight Was Not Sustainable

I knew deep down that my body was not functioning properly, and I was never going to be able to sustain that weight unless I kept letting my sickness win. It was the smallest I would be, and I had worked so hard, been hungry so many nights, that I didn’t want to gain it back. I knew that if I ate things that I wanted that I would gain weight. It eventually happened, and it took me a lot of work to undo all the disordered thinking. Habits don’t change right away. It took a while to get deeper and deeper into my obsession, and it has taken me even longer to to get out of it.

I Don’t Let The Fear Control Me

Now that my body is functioning properly, and I eat enough to nourish my body, I still fear gaining weight sometimes. I try not to let it control my decisions on the foods that I eat though. I try to listen to what will be satisfying and what my body and brain needs and wants. When I eat something I didn’t really feel like eating, but I chose it just because it was healthier, then I feel deprived and the obsession worsens. Whereas if I just eat the food I want, I am able to move on and not really think about it as much.

Intuitive Eating

I have talked a little bit about intuitive eating on social media, and it is one of the things that has helped me the most. Intuitive eating is not eating everything and anything that you want or stuffing yourself full all the time. It is no food rules though and listening to what your brain and body needs and sometimes wants though. It is being mindful and enjoying the food I am eating. It is not classifying foods as good or bad. It is not focusing on what you are going to look like, but rather what you are going to feel like.

I Want My Body and Mind To Thrive

I do weigh more now, but I feel so much better. I have come to terms that I will not have a thigh gap or small legs. I am much happier though, and I just keep telling myself that. I still fear gaining weight sometimes, but I eat a wide variety of foods. I eat more than what I think I should too. It is interesting though because all my clothes still fit. I don’t weigh myself and haven’t for at least four months. My body is at a sustainable point though where I can live my best life and enjoy eating foods that I like. This is where my body has been able to thrive. It is where I have had more success with my mind feeding me truths instead of lies. I focus more on living life and less on food. I focus on trying to take care of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and still think about it, but it no longer completely consumes and distorts my thoughts.

At what point does your body and mind thrive? What is a balance that works for YOU? What is that point where you can reduce your fear of gaining weight and enjoy life?

A Cold Intolerance May Mean You Are Not Getting The Nourishment You Need

“The cold always bothered me everyday!” When I would restrict, eat only certain safe foods, and count calories. I had a major cold intolerance. My mom actually has raynauds, and my circulation really isn’t the best. I still get cold easily, but nothing like it was. There were other symptoms that went along with not being nourished properly, but that was one that I, as well as other people really noticed. Maybe because I would wear sweatshirts when it was 75 degrees, and I would still feel cold. My hands and extremitities were really discolored during this time as well. I was in denial though. I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem. I insisted that I was trying to be healthy, but feeling like I did wasn’t healthy at all. Being healthy is a feeling, not just a look.

I know some people are cold easily and may be getting enough nutrients. It depends a lot on your body and your personal needs. I just encourage you to try to be honest with yourself. I know that I wasn’t, and it wasn’t healthy.

I probably could be smaller while nourishing by body properly and not possibly be as cold… but I like lots of different kinds of food and want to enjoy them all. I want to focus on living life and making the most of it and food is such a social activity too. I want to go enjoy icecream with a friend. I want to be able to eat a cupcake at a birthday party if I want one. Sometimes, I really don’t want one and that is fine too. I want to eat breakfast that my dad makes for me on a Sunday morning. I want to eat the food people serve me and not take my own separate food anywhere or eat before going there. I don’t want to turn down a social event because I am worried about the food. I don’t want to spend my life worrying about calories and eating only safe foods. I obviously love food, but food is not life. The more I focus on living life, the less obsessive I become about what calories and food I eat, the more accepting I am of listening to my body, and the easier it becomes to live a balanced, healthy, and happy life.

Exercise is Celebration of What Your Body Can Do

Guilt and Punishment for Eating Treats

Exercise is a complete celebration of what the body can do. It is not a punishment for what you ate! I keep hearing so many women talk about how they need to work off the goodies that they ate over the holiday. I hear it other times as well, but especially this time of year.

Actively Change Your Thinking

I am guilty of thinking like that in the past, and those thoughts still creep into my head at times. However, I have made it a point to actively kick those thoughts out of my head and change my way of thinking. When I go work out, I stop and think about why I am doing it. It is much more motivating and healthy to think about what my body is able to do, and not focus on working off food.

A Healthy Relationship with Food and Exercise

You deserve to eat, enjoy life, and different kinds of food if you want. You don’t have to work it off. I might sound repetitive, but I know how many times I have to say it to myself, so I am trying to reiterate it. I want you to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. If you are motivating yourself by saying you need to work on “trouble spots” on your body it is not healthy. If all your focus is on weight and how you look, it is not healthy. If you are trying to work off food you ate, it isn’t healthy. It is buying into society’s idea of beauty, and punishing yourself because you may not fit that ideal. It is so hard on your self-esteem, and it effects your confidence and happiness.  When part of your motivation for working out is feeling bad about your looks and bad about what you ate, you are punishing yourself.

Our Bodies Are Made to Move

Our bodies were made to move and accomplish amazing things. When I watch athletic events and competitions, I see people doing extraordinary things with their bodies.  When I watch children play, I see that they just enjoy moving and having fun. When I see dancers dance, I see passion for what they are doing. When I see my own videos of yoga, I am astonished at how far I have come, and how far I have to go.  I am surprised by how my body can easily adapt to other skills too.

The Body Adapts

I attended a beginner Aerial Silks class last night at Flow Foundry in Wichita, Kansas. You hang from silks and do different things like climb, flip upside down, and hang completely using only arm strength at times. It took a lot of core strength and leg strength as well. I was really amazed at how my body could adapt from my yoga practice to the silks class as easily as it did. To me, it is truly a celebration of what my body can do, and the best part was that it was fun and exciting trying new and different movements.

They did a great job explaining form and common mistakes. I think some athletic abilities helps a lot if you want to try it. I pretty much made this one up at the end though. It might be a pose? I don’t really know!

Past Motivation

When I was working out to form my body, I still enjoyed workouts and trying new things, but my motives were different. My mindset was different, and it was not healthy at all. I would punish myself, and it was a miserable cycle. Eventually, I had to stop working out all together for a while to get out of those habits. I would  take walks and stretch, but no step counting or strength.  I was upset because I couldn’t work out, but I knew it was what I needed at the time.  If that is what it takes to be in a healthy spot, physically, mentally, and spiritually, then it is worth it. I don’t regret taking some time off to get to a better place, even though it was hard. You can always go back to it later. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am at today, and I still struggle sometimes.

What Are Your True Motives?

I just encourage you, no matter where you are at in your journey to  actively focus on and evaluate your motives for doing anything. Do something you enjoy to help you deal with stress, take care of yourself, and think about and CELEBRATE YOUR BODY AND ALL THAT IT CAN DO.  NO PUNISHMENTS!

Healthy Happy Balanced Life Today and Everyday…. Not Just for a New Year!


Count Blessings, Not Calories, Today and Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I will be counting my blessings today instead of the calories! However, I do have some guidelines that I am going to try to follow to continue to have a healthy relationship with food. This is not dieting, it is being mindful and trying to be healthy, happy, and live a balanced life.

I will be eating three meals today. I won’t save up calories for a meal by skipping other meals. I won’t be counting the calories of any meal today, but rather trying to eat three balanced meals like normal.

I will not worry what others think of my plate. I will get what I think is right for me. I will try to use a plate and not graze. I will try to take a small break and breathe if I get anxious.

I will be eating dessert. Everyone can have a little dessert of their choice. I will try to pick one, eat slowly, and be mindful. That is something I can do with every bite of any food.

I will not punish myself if I eat a little too much.  I will not cleanse or detox or overwork myself because I ate too much.  I will not restrict or do resets. I will just try to get right back to my normal eating.

I will be going to hot yoga today and tomorrow as long as I am in good health. Not because I want to work off calories, but because it is an activity that I enjoy, and I want to do it.

I will  try to focus less on the food, and more on of the meaning of Thanksgiving because it seems to help me with some anxiety about food.The pilgrims and Indians had a feast, but it was not near as extravagant as we try to make things in our society. Sometimes, simple is just better. This is the holiday we are supposed to be thankful for what we have, and not spending our time upset about foods and perfection.

I could list so many things that I am thankful for on here, but honestly the list could go on and on and on and on…. today and everyday.

Are you going to try to focus on your blessings today and everyday, or are you going to focus on food and calories?

I know for many, it isn’t that easy, but if we don’t pick something to strive for, we will surely have trouble getting there. I truly hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and take care friends! I am thankful for all of you who have supported my blog!

You Are in Control

Other’s Thoughts

Do you let what other people may think or actually think about you get to you to the point where it is hard to function and your mental health and self confidence is compromised because you can’t get past it? You feel like you have no control so you try to control other things(…such as diet and exercise)?

Two Choices

I decided that I had two choices this morning. I could let opinions of what I think people think about me bother me, or I could be happy and enjoy my life knowing that I try to make good decisions and do what I feel is right for everyone. If I let them steal my happiness, then they have won.

Constant Worrying

In the past, things that people may think about me would take away my happiness for a long time, and I would worry constantly. I still do worry some, and it still bothers me some. I would be lying if I said it didn’t. However, I recover faster and worry a little less now. I have overcome a lot of obstacles to get to this point with the help of a lot of people. It isn’t always easy.


I tend to wake up with a fresh mind and think a little more rationally in the mornings. Sometimes, the best thing for me to do is just sleep on something. Once I have had the opportunity to process it, I try to turn something into a positive instead of a negative. I need to work at doing that sooner rather than later, but that is a lot of progress from what it used to be. I always have lots to work on. I think we can always be working to be better.

What I Think is Best

I just try to remember that I try to do what I think is best for everyone. I do not think it is okay to just do whatever you want, and only please yourself. I do try to think about others and what is best for them, too. I know I make mistakes sometimes, and if I know it is a mistake, I will try to do better next time. I will not be bullied by the voice inside my head or anyone else’s possible thoughts. I will not people please all the time. I have in the past, and I have let it control my every move. 


Others may not always agree with you or have the same opinion, but it doesn’t mean that they can take away your happiness and you don’t have to let what they may think about you destroy you. You have the control. Don’t let other’s thoughts take control of you. Most of the time, you are  assuming their thoughts anyway, and they are assuming yours.

What choice will you make today? Will you control the thoughts or let the thoughts control you?