Month: July 2018

Colorado Vacation

Vacation I went to Colorado and stayed in a cabin with my family. Vacations always seem like a fun idea… but then it comes time to actually travel and the anxiety sets in. I always feel like I am the only one that gets that way, but I know there are others out there. Traveling […]

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Challenging My Comfort Zone

Teaching Our First Yoga Class Yesterday, as a group at yoga teacher training, we taught our first class for people other than our fellow yogis in training. We planned the class together and then each person had a part to teach. I practiced my part of the flow quite a bit at home, and even […]

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Eat and Savor the Desserts you Love

If I Don’t Want It, I Don’t Eat It It was my grandma’s ninetieth birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I knew there was going to be cake from Sam’s. I am kind of a dessert snob I guess. I really like wedding cake and good buttercream frosting, but if it is from most grocery stores, […]

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