Month: December 2017

Exercise is Celebration of What Your Body Can Do

Guilt and Punishment for Eating Treats Exercise is a complete celebration of what the body can do. It is not a punishment for what you ate! I keep hearing so many women talk about how they need to work off the goodies that they ate over the holiday. I hear it other times as well, […]

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Keeping Things Simple

Constant Worry In the past, I have always wanted things to be perfect for holidays or parties that I am hosting. I would want the food and cookies to be perfect. I would search the internet to find the best recipes and combine different ones and do test batches. The house had to be perfectly […]

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Sour Cream Sugar Cookies & Buttercream Frosting

A Balanced Diet A balanced diet has room for a cookie… or two if you want. A healthy, happy, balanced life includes foods that you love. This recipe is one that my Grandma would make, my mom makes, and now I do. I am not really sure where it is from, but it is a […]

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